Coastal Chapter Ministries

Good News Club

The Good News Club® is largest and most recognizable program at CEF. Good News Club® is a one hour Bible club held in public elementary schools. Some ask how it is possible to read the Bible, pray, and teach the ten commandments on public school grounds. The answer is that in 2001 the Supreme Court ruled in favor in the case of CEF vs. Milford Central School that CEF had equal access to the public elementary school after school programs. Learn more

5 Day Club

5-Day Club is an exciting, fun-filled one and one-half hour held each day for five consecutive days. It includes: dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, inspiring missionary story, meaningful songs, life-changing Scripture memorization. Learn more

Christian Youth In Action

CYIA™ is the CEF summer program where high school and college age students (ages 15-22) are trained to conduct a Summer Good News Club. After two weeks of intensive training, these summer missionaries conduct three Summer Good News Clubs a day. Learn more

Truth Chasers Club

The Truth Chasers Club (formerly CEF Mailbox Club™) is an exciting Bible correspondence club designed to disciple children and adults. God has allowed us to reach over 465,000 Truth Chasers since February of 1999! Learn more